the holidays are fast approaching!

i've abandoned the crocheted snowflakes in favour of paper for cards, but still hope to crochet a few for the tree & to attach to gifts. i still have the cards to do, and a ton of cooking & baking for our holiday party. yikes!

also, teacher gifts: two teachers, and two bus drivers (i amost forgot the afternoon bus driver - whoops!) for whom i'm planning on knitting convertible mittens. i started yesterday, winding a ball of briggs & little tuffy and casting on at lunch. i have one mitten half-done already! yay.

also, this is my first project knit on cubics i bought at romni - wooden needles with a square cross-section. not sure if i like them or not. they're totally great for stockinette, but when i'm cabling - i tend not to use a cable needle, at least for small cables - i find them a bit of a pain. it's hard to get the point through the loop at times, and occasionally i'll have a corner dig into the side of my
finger in an ouchy way.

is there a particular kind of project/stitch pattern where cubics are the most excellent needle? hmmm...

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