i think i may be diabolically clever.

or lucky.

you may remember the crafting table i built a few years ago, in our old house. since we moved here, it has lived in the kiddo's room, storing my stuff in a place difficult to get to, and unused as a cutting table for fabric (boo hoo).

another thing about this house, we have a bay window in the master bedroom. as a girl, i always dreamed about a bay window, and a window seat, and since we've been here i've dreamed of building a storage bench/window seat in our master bedroom. but i never got around to even buying the necessary lumber.

well, i've just done some measuring.

the kiddo's room needs some rearrangement, since he now has a "big boy bed" (anyone want the old convertible crib?) and too many books for the current set up. and so! i have figured out that i won't need to do much cutting at all to turn the old under-used crafting table into a bay window seat, with storage underneath in my own room where i'll actually be able to get to it!

and, i might be just able to build some shelves for the kiddo too. yippee!

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