the countdown begins

i am so far behind with so many things, but even if the house is a mess, there will still be something to eat at the party.

anything that could be made ahead has been made ahead, with lots of ready-to-go-in-the-oven things resting in the fridge as we speak, including artichoke dip, shortbread dough, gingerbread dough, pecan crescent dough (due to trying to do too many things at once, i accidentally added a half-cup of cocoa - i think that could be an improvement though?), and hamantaschen dough these will be filled with mincemeat (which is also done) for a little cultural crossover. which reminds me, i need to find the perfect latke recipe.

i'll do some baking through the week, and friday will be a morning of organising, decorating, and getting the tree, before i take the kiddo to a speech assessment and then we'll all go to a friend's house for dinner, which is a stroke of luck now that i think of it - one meal's worth of dirty dishes to do avoided. hallelujah! couldn't have planned that better if i had tried.

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