what a crazy week it has been. too crazy/stressy to do anything interesting at all, except for start a massive cleanup of our storage room (goal: to turn it into a workspace of sorts). i also did a clean-up/re-org of the secret holiday shelf in my closet, and wrapped a bunch of presents for the kiddo, and one for our niece. so i feel pretty good about xmas, although our holiday party is coming up soon (eek! sending out invites this weekend!) and i'm not ready for that! i haven't even done a stitch of knitting, although i thought about it this morning, but couldn't find the portable project i was thinking of working on.

good news is, tg made a comment on something yesterday that made me think "yes, he will definitely love the secret xmas project," and part 3 of his gift finally arrived in the mail today! pretty thrilled about that. i think this xmas is going to be wonderful.

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