spatchcock success!

this is my new best friend:

it's technically a braiser, but last night it was a paella pan, and tonight it served up an excellent spatchcock. it's just the right size to brown a spatchcocked chicken, and voila! tasty meal in an hour start to finish. yum. i was worried because our router is a bit kaput and who knows where the spatchcock instructions are (i know i printed them out for the cottage, but...) so i had to go by memory. and it was easy peasy! a bit of cutting, a bit of flattening, a bit of frying while i blended up a paste of tarragon, mustard powder, garlic, and olive oil to smear over top. and then it went straight into a hot oven with a few potatoes filling in around the edges. delish.

i have a secret dream where i use my braiser to make the biggest upside-down cake ever, but i don't think i have the strength to do the flipping!

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