eek, two weeks since i've posted! i still have to get around to charting the sleeves for the sweater i'm working on, and i am still working on the bonkers-tiny-gauge cardi for myself, and and i am still waiting for a quite hour or two to make up the secret xmas surprise, and i've started a little crochet project.

but what's taken up a lot of time lately is this:

basically all stuff that was lying around the house (or in the case of the foam, lying in the street): felt, quilt batt, cardboard boxes and tubes, miscellaneous bits of fabric and trims. purchased items: styro balls, project glue that promised to stick to the styro balls, a can of silver spray paint (used up the entire thing, or i would have given him another coat), and one baseball cap which cost a dollar at goodwill.

there were a few "what are you?" comments, and a few "a dalek!!" exclamations, but the highlight of the evening was coming across - you guess it - a dalek jack o'lantern! here's a pic of the two daleks together. i think we made each other's night!

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