a near crisis with whipped cream!

i should know better by now, because it happens every thanksgiving - the shops are sold out of organic whipping cream (and it must be organic - have you ever looked at the ingredients list on the regular one? cream doesn't need ingredients other than cream. cream is an ingredient.

anyway, i ended up buying 4 x 250 ml containers could have got away with just 3, but there were a total of 4 on the shelf and i didn't want to have regrets about leaving that last one behind. because i am the designated bringer of desserts, and although my cousin is the designated bringer of whipping cream, i didn't want her to run into the same trouble!

of course, there must be pumpkin pie, or it wouldn't actually be thanksgiving. i used the same gf pie crust i came up with in september, and our traditional favourite recipe for the filling - madame benoit's standish pumpkin pie from the encyclopedia of canadian cooking - starting with fresh pumpkin, roasted and mashed (2 small pumpkins equalled 4 cups of mush - enough for 2 pies) and with a half teaspoon of allspice and a quarter teaspoon of cloves added to the spices, and combination of mace and fresh-grated nutmeg instead of regular nutmeg.

yum. can't wait for tomorrow. i also made a gf version of the traditional imperial cheddar biscuits.

and back up dessert (for the crazies who don't like pumpkin pie) this year is the gf chestnut sticky toffee pudding i made a couple of weeks ago. by coincidence, i set it to cool on the sideboard next to a photo of thanksgiving at the cottage from decades ago. everyone in the photo will be there tomorrow, with the exception of tg's grandfather. and i don't know who the plaid arm is.

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