ho ho ho

i am just at the point where i need to wind another skein into a ball, so i thought it might be the perfect time to take a wee snap (i've misplaced my card reader, so crappy mobile snaps for now) of the new project i've foolishly cast on.

it's a reindeer sweater! for me, to be done in time for me to wear to our holiday tree-trimming party. realistically, this will not happen. but one can hope. what you see there is an i-cord cast-on (love!) and some corrugated ribbing (also love, although i hate doing it) and the beginnings of the yoke. the only red will be in the edges and the reindeer's nose, the rest will be white and two shades of grey, briggs & little sport. on 2.75mm needles. ouch. maybe i'll have it for next year's holiday do?


  1. It looks beautiful so far! You never know, there can be a weird time warp with stranded knitting that makes it finish so much faster than non-colourwork. I just did an i-cord cast off, and HATED it, but it sure does look lovely once finished!

  2. thanks! and i hope you are right about it being faster! now that i'm using three colours, i am beginning to think that white and two shades of grey is going to make me go blind...