for those of you in denial

about the onset of xmas, please note: the mail truck just dropped off a package. on a sunday. because they holiday package delivery season has begun! whoa.

but this has inspired me to get the buttons on the kiddo's pyjamas (i am truly terrible about getting things to the truly-almost-done stage and then dropping them. bad habit!) and get them wrapped up for xmas eve (traditionally we were always allowed to open one present on the eve, and it was always pyjamas or a nighty which we then wore to pose for the hanging-the-stockings photo - i'm tweaking tradition a bit this year, by packing up the pjs with a book - shirley hughes' christmas eve ghost!).

i'm also plugging away at the reinideer sweater, and now that i've started the second shade of grey, i am certain that this can not be a ttc project. so i'll have to cast on something else. i'm hoping that will be crochet snowflakes, but of course now i can't find the crochet thread! sigh.

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