busy busy busy

getting ready for tomorrow night's meeting of ontario hands & voices, and thought i'd take a break from flyer design!

i'm a bit bereft as it's the third of october - a month to the day from when i began my super secret holiday knitting project. and even though xmas is still a while off, i was secretly hoping i'd have it done in a month, just for bragging rights. but an inability to knit at home is putting a damper on things! this weekend i couldn't even do any early morning knitting, as the kiddo was up and demanding attention around six-thirty. ugh.

but, i am very nearly finished my first official sewing through the decades project - just the skirt from eva dress pattern 1399. i was a bit concerned about the fit (not concerned enough to do a practice run in muslin though) as there is very little shaping and i am quite curvy. but a quick try-on and it fits wonderfully! a happy surprise. now i just have a bunch of hand-finishing to do. but at least the sewing machine is put away and no longer monopolizing the kitchen.

and, back to the holiday theme, a new pair of jimjams for the kiddo! i had a mad fondness for tailored flannel pyjamas. my son shares the sentiment too, i think; we ran out of clean pyjamas yesterday (he's growing so fast we're down to only 4 pair of pjs tailored by me) and had to resort to - horrors! - boughten ones, of the stretchy variety. "these aren't comfortable," he said. kid after my own heart. i have to sew on the buttons, but they're otherwise done.

and i think i did a fairly excellent job of lining up the pattern on the pocket, if i do say it myself!


  1. You are a pro Jen! I remember you got that fabric last Christmas...so good on you for getting them done early!

  2. technically i wanted to get them done for the fenelon fair, so i am a couple of months late on that count!