so the kiddo needs a bigger back-pack (his is perfect for someone his size to carry, but too small to hold all his school stuff). so i thought i'd see if little brown wren - makers of his beloved monster bag - had a backpack for harry. but little brown wren seems to be no more! all i found was an abandoned facebook group. no worries, i thought, i'll get corduroy and make one myself. the kiddo was inching towards some kind of lightning mcqueen monstrosity, but i steered him towards an appliqued monster riding a red bicycle. which got me looking for pictures of red bicycles, which led to the best red bicycle of all:


meanwhile, the secret surprise knitting project continues (80% done! except of course i forgot to bring the smaller needles with me to cast on the second sleeve! most of the hurdles with this project actually have been me-forgetting-to-bring-stuff-type issues) and i am starting to design a dalek costume for hallowe'en!

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