what i did on my summer vacation: day 8

this was the week of knitting for babies. everyone we know has either just had a baby or is just about to have a baby. and knits for babies are wonderfully small! and finished so quickly.

this little fellow unfortunately did not get finished in time for the fair; elijah got finished the day after. but what a joy to knit! so much fun to watch it come to life bit by bit, body part by body part.

there were, of course, victims. i needed to stuff him with something. so i got a crummy old stuffed toy (that already had a giant hole for de-stuffing!) at the salvation army, and disembowelled it.

but the kiddo was upset! whoops. i should never have let him seen the toy about to be sacrificed. but he saw it and hugged it and claimed it. and we had a talk about how he already has five million dollies and this was for another baby and sometimes you have to give things up for others. poor guy. he was good about it in the end.

and now this little creature is ready to send away to the baby he was made for! i will definitely be making more of this one. especially since i used a lot less yarn that i expected! i thought i'd need both balls of queensland collection rustic wool dk but i only used one!

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