one down...

one sleeve to go! this wee cardie will be for my neighbours' baby (after it's won a ribbon at the fair):

i do seem to like leafy patterns.

in other news, i found some wonderful dress-weight wool in a prince of wales check for such a low price i bought out the bolt - 6 1/2 yards! will definitely be making a lovely 1930s dress for sewing through the decades from this once my patterns arrive; it has lovely drape.


  1. Nice fabric Jenn! Can't wait to see the dress!

    Also, it seems that I can't leave this comment through my google account...which may be why you can't see my blog? Don't know...kinda weird.

  2. i have those kinds of problems when i'm on the pc at work (can't follow, can't post from google, etc.) but i'm fine at home. i blame security settings, although i admit i don't have a valid reason for that.