between holidays

just back from a quick trip to one cottage (tg's) and getting ready to head to another (wendy's). i managed to finish the body/sleeves of the bed jacket (and do up the seams) while sitting in the dappled sunlight of cameron lake, so all that's left now is to finish about three metres of lace (!) and sew that on. i did have a heartstopping moment when i realised i had made a possibly fatal error in doing the sleeve increases for the fronts - one was 8 stitches wider than the other! - but decided i could fix it with a few extra decreases rather than ripping back - the offending portion is hidden under the wide collar, and it doesn't look asymmetrical at all. it's currently hanging on our bedroom door. soon i will be ready to lounge in my boudoir à la carole lombard.

would taking knitting to the spa be a completely idiotic idea? i'm guessing yes, esp since it's alpaca - i'd probably end up felting it in the sauna or something. once the lace is done & attached, i can finally finally get started on the million billion baby presents i am behind on!

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