tomorrow is the day

we go to the cottage for a week. yippee! i just got two dvds i might take along, although i am generally opposed to watching tv (or similar) at the cottage - my man godfrey and the women. and, a party to get ready for, beginning of september. and, patterns arriving by mail very soon.

inspiration/motivation here i come!



feeling like utter crap today, so stayed home knitting and watching movies (belle de jour and match point). both gorgeous movies which made my sick self feel a little more awful in comparison to their gorgeousness.

and the cardigan i was working on for the fenelon fair and neighbour's baby is finished!

i do like leafy patterns a lot, it seems.

and, wee flower-shaped buttons are lovely with leaves!


one down...

one sleeve to go! this wee cardie will be for my neighbours' baby (after it's won a ribbon at the fair):

i do seem to like leafy patterns.

in other news, i found some wonderful dress-weight wool in a prince of wales check for such a low price i bought out the bolt - 6 1/2 yards! will definitely be making a lovely 1930s dress for sewing through the decades from this once my patterns arrive; it has lovely drape.


i did it!

it's been such a crazy busy spring & summer that i am miles behind on everything i want to get done, but i finally ordered a bunch of patterns from eva dress for sewing through the decades! the katharine hepburn frock was first on my list (inspired by this post and the quote "If you ever wanted to dress like Ms. Hepburn did in what was essentially her first starring film role, this is your chance!"), this dress which i can see wearing a lot (either version), this ensemble (cape!!), and a blouse which i already have fabric in mind for (cranberry silk charmeuse i got at the textile museum sale).

and, i snuck in a little 1929 because i love this coat so much.

i'm assuming/hoping that all of these lovelies will be waiting for me when we return from our week at the cottage. and then i will need to get to work right away as we've a party to attend on the 10 september, and then it's time for the toronto tweed ride!



wanted this done for friday, only finished it yesterday. but, it's too hot to wear right now anyway! so, all good. i am so pleased with this. what a lovely pattern, this was much easier to do than it looked. even if that lace did go on, and on, and on...

definitely entering this in the fenelon fair!


neverending lace

last night as i was working on the lace trim of my bedjacket i came to the end of the ball. but - it's still not long enough to go all the way around the edges of the jacket! yikes.

so i've joined another half-ball. still have to do the edge for the sleeves, as well. very glad i bought 7 skeins of the berocco ultra alpaca - i've dipped into 6 so far! 1 for the body up to the divide for the sleeves, 1+ a bit for the back sleeves, 2 half-skeins for the front sleeves, and now 1+ for the lace so far. it will never end...


between holidays

just back from a quick trip to one cottage (tg's) and getting ready to head to another (wendy's). i managed to finish the body/sleeves of the bed jacket (and do up the seams) while sitting in the dappled sunlight of cameron lake, so all that's left now is to finish about three metres of lace (!) and sew that on. i did have a heartstopping moment when i realised i had made a possibly fatal error in doing the sleeve increases for the fronts - one was 8 stitches wider than the other! - but decided i could fix it with a few extra decreases rather than ripping back - the offending portion is hidden under the wide collar, and it doesn't look asymmetrical at all. it's currently hanging on our bedroom door. soon i will be ready to lounge in my boudoir à la carole lombard.

would taking knitting to the spa be a completely idiotic idea? i'm guessing yes, esp since it's alpaca - i'd probably end up felting it in the sauna or something. once the lace is done & attached, i can finally finally get started on the million billion baby presents i am behind on!