i'm a little in love with yellow lately. there was an episode of mad men - i've no idea which, as i watched almost all of them in a marathon a number of months back when i was sick or something - in which betty draper had a gorgeous dress printed with yellow roses and with a black band around the bateau neckline. and after a bout of fits and starts interrupted by the rest of everyday life, it's finally finished!

it took me a while to find the fabric, but i did (thank you king textiles)!

i am very happy with it. the basic pattern is one i drafted from a princess-seamed shift i have; i cut & basted it together and made some alterations before cutting the lining and sewing it all up. the black at the neckline is simply an overlay which i basted in place carefully, before sewing from behind. no visible stitches on this baby.

the hem was fun - i had to gather the edge to take in the extra fabric (the skirt is roughly a half-circle) and used a lace binding. two-and-a-half metres of it! and then all hand-stitched!

the black border at the bottom is actually attached to the lining of the skirt, and cut to be just a bit longer than the skirt itself so it shows a little.

but i still wish i could remember which episode this is from.

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