oh em gee.

so, i'm going to maine this week for the hands & voices leadership conference, and i thought "maybe i'll hit up a few yarn stores on the way there and back." so i got directions thanks to google and headed over to knitmap to see what was on or near my route.

well, wowsers!

they have an awesome new crawl feature where you can create a map with driving directions of all the stores you want to hit. which i obviously did. and no, i probably (definitely) won't have time to hit all of them, but i will definitely hit a few!

meanwhile, i have to start packing, and sorting out what me-made stuff i can pack my suitcase with that will suit the weather - it's going to be on the cool side, looks like. may have to dig out some stuff i packed away for the season! i'm thinking this sweater could definitely make a reappearance:

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