so, roadtrip maine didn't happen. tuesday night i picked up the kiddo from school and he was sick! after a miserable night at the hospital and a couple of days of gravol we got word that he has strep. which he undoubtedly got from me, since i'd been nursing a sore throat and upset tummy for over a week. so now we are both on penicillin, and definitely not crossing any borders.

not fair!!

the only upside is that between sitting in the various waiting rooms and staying home with the kiddo, i've got the back of the bed jacket done, and i'm working on the fronts now (doing both at once - also trying to be clever and instead of doing the increases as cast-ons, i'm picking up stitches along the back piece to avoid seaming later). and i have the collar a quarter of the way done, since after i started shaping the sleeves - the sleeves and bodice are knit all of a piece - i decided it was far too awkward to carry around, so switched to working on the collar on the subway. really pleased with how quickly this is going after such a slow start!

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