where i've been for the past week...

there's a reason i haven't been posting; i've been far too busy at work! on wednesday we launched our new show in short, an exploration of the seven sins. and with it we launched a new youtube channel featuring all the short films in wednesday's ep. why youtube? well our old player was somewhat buggy, and of course it was only flash so useless for ipads and iphones. now youtube takes care of the software/format schmozzle for us.

we've also launched planet sin a website of true confessions, but also (better?) the reporting and shaming of others! for those who like pointing the finger.

so i've been ignoring my own blog and crafts and stuff and instead been working like mad on those two things.

there's one big project that ties it all together: a series of 7 short films, one for each of the sins, which are rolling out one per episode, and going on line at the youtube channel and planet sin at the same time. my favourites are envy by bruce mcdonald, which literally made me gasp when i realised what was about to happen, and the stylish mini-musical greed by jamie travis, although i have now had the bagel song stuck in my head for weeks and it is driving me crazy. i also suspect that "do you like butter on your bagel" may be a euphemism for something, but i'm afraid to google.

envy airs this coming wednesday 11 may on bravo! at 10pm ET/7 pm PT. greed is on the 25 may, same bat time, same bat channel.

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