kind of relating to this guy right now

i wish i was a bird instead of the office right now...

super short film by bruce mcdonald (yes that bruce mcdonald of roadkill and trigger fame). i can't say much because i don't want to spoil the ending (it is only 2 minutes of your time!) but i will say that i honestly gasped when i realised what was about to happen...

eta: i just noticed that a lot of people are suddenly arriving here by searching "jamie travis on greed" and "butter on your bagel" - another short from the same seven sins project as bruce mcdonald's envy. that one won't be available till the broadcast on 25 may, but i will most certainly post it then!

in other news, i have picked up the craxiest project i've ever taken on again, a spring dress (yes, dress) knit in fingering in a complex lace pattern. well it's not all complex lace, but the bottom foot or so of the skirt is, and that's what i'm working on right now. gah. it takes me about a half-an-hour to do one round. maybe it will be ready for next spring? not this one!

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