long weekend, well deserved!

funny for a short week, it seemed awfully long - getting this new show done feels endless, and we were only told on wednesday that the first show goes to air 4 may! yikes!!

so i am very glad to have a long weekend, and grateful to the kiddo for letting me sleep in and making me heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast (well, his dad did most of the work, but he helped). on the menu for this weekend: i've ripped out the ribbing on my vest so i can re-knit it a bit longer, now that i've got more of the lovely alpaca-with-a-twist highlander from the lovely laura (aka simbabee), who still has loads of yarn to get rid of at great prices (for some reason people assume it must be all gone by now, but there is a lot there!). also got more of the yellow briggs & little regal i'm using for the kiddo's vest, maybe i'll get that done too? and a new summer dress (please, let summer come soon), and dinner for six tomorrow night, and a bunch of work on our parent's group, the usual housework, cooking ahead lunches for the week, and... and... and...

maybe i should just go back to bed.

two things on the list which will not get edited out: watching royal wedding on sunday with the kiddo, to get in the spirit for next week. and watching doctor who on saturday night!

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