cookie conqueror

today's mission is part of a multi-week project: easter cupcakes for a bake sale at the kiddo's school!

the reason cupcakes are a multi-week project is the needlessly complex decorating i want to do, which requires additional fuss. put simply, eggs in a nest on a cupcake. but - how to make the nest? first thought was spun sugar; second thought was me or the kiddo with third-degree burns. third thought was a delicate crispy shapable cookie. fourth thought was the memory of my only other attempt at such a cookie.

those Xs? those "ha!"s? my youthful comments on a recipe i considered next to impossible. now that i'm a grown up, i thought i'd go back to this old favourite book, and see if i can conquer the demon.

so far, so good. instead of greasing the cookie sheets, i'm using teflon sheets on them. also key: only putting 3 or 4 drops of batter on the cookie sheet at a time, one in each corner.

another tip: peeling them off with a spatula? not fun. instead i've taken the aluminum tart shells which i'm using as moulds, put one on top of a cookie, and then flipped it over by lifting the teflon sheet. easier, although tricky to do without burning fingers!

pardon the blurriness but this was tricky to do one-handed.

i think they look super cute, and will be even cuter with little eggs in each. but mainly i'm just happy to have conquered an old nemesis.

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