ah, weddings

i don't know why exactly i am so keen on the upcoming royal wedding.

i'm one of those anomalous left-wingers who, while believing the state should be a caretaker (e.g. universal healthcare & education, affordable housing and social welfare programs for those in need) or else leave us alone to make our own decisions (like who we marry or when/if we give birth), also loves tradition, pomp, circumstance, etc.

maybe it's because, as citizen of a former colony, i can convince myself that we're not paying for it (even if the queen is on our money). maybe it's simple nostalgia for an institution that does seem to be winding up. with all of the sordid tragedies and petty embarrassments the royal family has suffered in the last decade or so, is it possible to imagine them carrying on much longer? even if they do, in the current economic climate, is such gross conspicuous consumption going to be acceptable? not so much.

but the pomp and circumstance is lovely. and a royal wedding, as opposed to a coronation, is all pretty dresses and parties and who-has-the-longest-train and how-did-they-stuff-it-in-the-cinderella-coach. really, it's pure fairytale, and thus perfect fodder for the golden age of musicals.

fred astaire! jane powell! peter lawford! keenan wynn!

gorgeous use of colour in this film, especially primaries and double-especially yellow.

(i'm a bit in love with yellow lately)

jane had some truly lovely get-ups in this one...




and of course fred's dancing on the ceiling schtick!

lots more great screengrabs from this flick over at sweet sunday mornings.

i was up at dawn for the last royal wedding, and i'll be up at dawn for this one, preferably eating a victoria sandwich.

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