oh dear

i was about to post a happy "look i'm almost done this sweater" post and went to take a photo with my lovely camera (a christmas gift no less) when i discovered something a bit horrible! i've been meaning to make some sort of case or cozy for it as it likes to turn itself on in my handbag, but haven't gotten round to it. now i've discovered something else it likes to do on its own - open the battery/memory card compartment and eject everything. the batteries were floating around in my handbag, but the memory card is missing! this is not right! oh boo.

well time to get to work on the camera cozy i guess. my plan is something double-knit that looks a little like this:


  1. Love the new blog format! Super excited for pictures with new camera!

  2. the sad part: i found the memory card, and took the camera to work with me today, thinking i'd take snaps and post at lunch (andrew always laughs uncontrollably when i say anything about "posting photos of my knitting on the internet"). so i get to work, realise i've forgotten to bring my card reader with me. so i finish harry's sweater on the bus home, and think i'll take a snap and post it, but guess where my camera is? yes, that would be at work... sigh.