feeling critical today

the fuss goes on and on about black swan... but should the question be not "who did the costumes" or "who did the dancing" but "why did someone who basically spent 90% of the film in a stunned pout get an oscar for acting?" really, there was not a lot of acting going on there. or a lot of anything really. the whole jekyll/hyde dual nature schtick has been done so many times, there needs to be something spectacular happening in order to justify doing it again. this film, mind you, had more crotch-grabbing than most. it had a lot, actually. no one could keep their hands off of natalie's portman, including natalie portman.

i tend to find darren aronofsky a little too in love with his own cleverness and "depth" though.

it did pass the bechdel test, at least. i suppose there's that. and it's nice to see that winona got some work again finally.

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