i've decided to dive into a project that's been on the backburner for an age: relining my beloved anything else-inspired tweed coat (the recon project was one of my first ever posts here - five years ago). tweed is always perfect when there's a chill in the air, so i have worn this thing to bits over the years. the outside is perfectly fine - harris tweed will wear forever. but the lining is kaput. so, i've ripped it out, to replace with some kaffe fassett for rowan i bought on sale at macfab a while ago (one of the things stopping me from getting to work on the coat is that i keep looking at the fabric and thinking, maybe a skirt or shift instead?).

i've trimmed out the lining (i love looking at the innards of a well-tailored garment!), preserving the inner pocket and of course the harris tweed label. wondering about the number stamped on, i did a little googling and found this interesting note on the vintage fashion guild website:

The Harris Tweed Authority is a great aid in dating Harris Tweed labels. You can contact them with the number that is stamped on the label and from that they can supply you with the maker and approximate date of the cloth.

well! you can rest assured that i contacted the harris tweed authority right away. i hope they have some information for me! based on the pictures from the vfg post, i would guess that my coat is from the 1960s.

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