my biggest fan has requested a red sweater with a number one on it, and i thought it would be a good opportunity to fine-tune the top-down in-the-round saddle-shoulder tutorial i've been working on. and, he is so excited about getting a new hand-knit sweater from mummy, and i can't resist such fervent appreciation! so, my aspiring race car driver (i think watching the love bug on the weekend was a major inspiration for him) has kicked my own alpaca sweater vest off the needles, and replaced it with the awesomeness of briggs & little tuffy in red mix (the best red ever), coincidentally picked up from a de-stash this week. yay! there will be racing stripes on the front leading to the number 1 (a nod to herbie's look), and a checkered band around the left arm.

"wait," i hear you cry, "how are you doing colourwork if it's knit in the round?" as a matter of fact, i think i have unvented a brilliant solution to this. we'll see how it goes.

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