holy slacking off!

with the sweater for tg proving endless (and so boring at this point! i have one sleeve to go and i just... can't... do... it...) i've been avoiding updating the ravelry projects page. maybe will fix that tonight.

but i have started a couple of new projects... just so i can say "yay, i finished something" and feel a little more productive! one is a vest in eggplant alpaca with a twist highlander (soft and tweedy), one is a hat inspired by a couple of threads about a promo for the show fairly legal - i haven't seen the show (or the promo) but i like the hat, and i need a hat, and it looks like i will have loads of briggs & little tuffy leftover from tg's sweater, so i decided to whip up a slouchier
version of it. i should have it finished tonight, and will post the pattern then!

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