day off

today was my last day off of the holiday season, and i had all sorts of big plans about how the bambeenster and i would spend the day. instead, we spent a couple of hours at the children's walk-in getting a penicillin scrip for an ear infection, and then a fruitless trip to a service ontario kiosk. bah.

i had hoped that at some point over the holidays i would get a day - just one day! - for sewing and organizing the closets, but it didn't happen. i did stay up a bit last night to do some sewing, but guess what? i've lost enough weight that the dress i had basted together a couple of months ago looks not like a demure-but-sexy 1960-ish vavavoom shift, but instead like a potato sack. i took it in about 2 inches but could take it in another 2 easily, except not so easily, because i have darts and pleats and the zipper to contend with. wah.

so to cheer myself up, i dug still deeper into my unfinished sewing projects till i found a pencil skirt i'd pinned together in my skinnier days, and stitched that up. and it fits perfectly! also finished a black wool crepe skirt and a purple corduroy a line and another skirt in a sort of pinky-browny herringbone (not a colour i normally wear, but i like it). i still have a little hand finishing to know, but it's nice to know i have four new skirts to go back to work with!

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