i have some health-type new year's resolutions (getting proper sleep, exercise, nutrition, blah blah), but this morning on my walk to work (exercise!) i thought, what about resolutions in other areas? like...

1. finishing one project before starting another (so terrible at that)

2. getting a super-early head start on any deadline-ish projects (hello, birthdays and xmas)

and the biggie:

3. no buying new materials except for storage-related items! we have a "storage room" that is an absolute disaster - i really need to bite the bullet and get it sorted. get rid of things that we will never ever need or use, and come up with a proper system to organise the "keepers." i already have ideas dancing in my head for a system of crates that could be stacked out of the way against the wall, or hooked together to form the base for an inflatable mattress if we have guests over (because really, it is crazy that we have an entire extra room but still make guests sleep on the sofa!) but of course all of that involves work... i think until i make some headway on this, there must be no new non-storage-related projects. except for gifts of course. and finishing things i've already started.

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