productive = happy

this is my big week, the week i've taken three days off to see to some appointments and get ready for our holiday party. so far i've assembled and sent about two dozen greeting cards, repainted the living room, got the piano tuned, got a haircut, made two kinds of dip (artichoke and herb-curry), picked up a couple of presents that i worked on a couple of years ago, picked up a bunch of groceries for the weekend (including these awesome compostable wooden forks), went to mccall's and fell in love with the total awesomeness (what is kransekake? i want to make one!) and bought some supplies for a gingerbread house, took the boy to see a play, bought some kid-style musical instruments (finger cymbals, jingle bells, a triangle), had lunch with a friend, etc. tomorrow we are shooting a video that chs will use for fundraising, getting a tree, baking & building a gingerbread house, and generally cooking and baking and cleaning all day.


and for your viewing pleasure, here are just two of the wow-i-never-knew-that-existed things i saw at mccalls:

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