it's almost here!

can you believe that tomorrow is christmas eve? and i'm almost ready! i'm never 100% ready for anything it seems, but i'm pretty close. and i think the broken foot/chest infection/braces headache misery should play well as excuses. today is my last day at work before 5 days off, and tonight and tomorrow i'll be cooking and crafting up a storm. i have everything i need for dinner, i just have to do the prep. aside from the traditional turkey, everything will be vegan - the stuffing, the sides (mashed potatoes, squash & greens gratin, braised chestnuts, & brussel sprouts), the bread, the dessert: bûche de noël. i found a whipped icing recipe that i successfully veganised before, and this time i am upping the ante a bit with cocoa butter instead of margarine. should be super yummy! recipes & pics to follow after boxing day!

now, i just have to finish all of those knitted gifts, and pyjamas for the bambino...

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