how did i go from feeling so far ahead of the game to so far behind? happens every year i guess. didn't get a lot done on the weekend - the knitting continues (there is nothing better than knitting xmas gifts on an old-fashioned train rumbling across the snowy countryside with family, friends, and santa himself on board!), and i bought more yarn, to tie up the jams i made (are they supposed to be a secret? i don't think my coworkers check my blog... whoops).

foolishly i kept putting off the cards - hadn't even thought of what to put on them, and then yesterday i thought "maybe i will just get some tree-shaped rubber stamps and go crazy with that" and then i thought "maybe i could get a tree stamp and a pear stamp and a partridge stamp" and then i just went ahead and did a drawing of a the tree i wanted. for the ones i send out, there will be glueing (that word looks wrong no matter how i spell it) and stamping, but i've put a version here as well for anyone else who wants to send them out!

the cards i did last year and the year before are available too: santa baby and cookie wonderland.

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