another xmas is nearly at our throats

i love it, i do, but so much to get done! i'm beginning to wish i had a swift, looking at the 10 skeins of yarn that needs winding for a gift i'm just about to cast on. only one gift is done so far, one is about three-quarters done, and one about a third. so far behind!

also, there is the wreath* i started last year. all i need to do is the yellow centres and the assmbly! it's just finding the time, sigh.

*mine is made out of briggs & little and white buffalo, in off-white with green leaves though


  1. Anonymous15.11.10

    Love your title for this post. Love it.
    --arachknit (from Ravelry)

  2. it's actually from an old new yorker cartoon but of course i can't find it!