being somewhat dippy, i tend to believe in a kind of fate. if something is really difficult, maybe it's because you shouldn't be doing it. if things fall nicely into place, on the other hand...

i swung by value village on the way home today, to see if they happened to have a few things i would need if i want to be corpse bride for hallowe'en - a light blue formal gown, some sort of lace doily thing to dress up the bodice, off-white bride-y-but-wearable shoes, a twig wreath for my hair, etc.

i found all of these things, and a cute 1950s vintage cotton dress. score. also went to zellers and bought some cheap bernat yarn in two shades of blue for a wig, and facepaint. whee! i can pull this off in a week (considering i will spend all weekend making h's snapping turtle first), right? of course i can!

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