did i ever

post a pic of the ujein sweater? i don't think i did... it's hard to wear because the wool is too warm for summer, and the backlessness is too breezy for other seasons. anyway i wore it today (forecast: "it's 9 degrees now, but it will be sunny and 24 degrees later") so here is a pic of me in the bathroom at work:

so on the way home from work today, i swung by fabricland to get fabric for the bambino's snapping turtle hallowe'en costume. i also saw this awesome elvis fabric:

but i resisted, since xmas is fast approaching and i'm going to make pyjamas not just for the bamibno this year, but for the whole family!

the red print is for the kiddo, the light print is for me, and i got a coordinating solid dark red for tg. and a bunch of dark green piping and buttons the same for all of us so we'll all coordinate without being too obnoxiously matchy-matchy. it will still be obnoxiously cuddly cute though.


  1. That is the most awesome sweater!

    Also, that is the coolest Elvis fabric! I wouldn't have been able to hold back!

    I too am making pj bottoms for Nic and me. Got some wicked flannel at the store in Berkeley - Stone Mountain and Daughter. Nic's has a Canadian wildlife print complete with moose and mine is classic zoo animals reminding me of my old blanket when I was a kiddo.

  2. i realised when i got home last night i was wearing the sweater inside-out all day - oh well i guess if i didn't notice no one else did?

    that fabric sounds awesome, can't wait to see it! i think i am definitely going back for the elvis.