the trouble with... my life

when did i post last? i forget. but certainly it was before i got braces (last monday) and broke my foot (last friday). i had set everything aside to work on xmas presents and such, but after the foot incident i decided "i wasn to do things for me me me" and went back to my yellow sweater, which i was sufficiently unhappy with that i frogged it entirely. have started from scratch improvising based on a memory of what i want it to look like. so far so good - body is almost done (i'm past the waist and shaping). whee.

also, i really like beatnik and when i was looking at my stash to see if i somehow already had enough yarn for it, i realised i could do that and the 1930s 3-hour sweater that i'm keen on, if i frogged the stripey dress i cast on and instantly got bored with. so, while i haven't frogged yet (hedging) i've almost done the back of the sweater (and yes, it does take more than 3 hours) while watching the trouble with harry, one of hitchcock's more light-hearted films, featuring a quite young shirley maclaine, and edmund gwenn (aka kris kringle from miracle on 34th street and (as tg pointed out) charlie from charlie's angels. very weird to hear that voice coming from a person instead of an intercom box (and it's sad that although john forsythe has done so much other stuff, that intercom box is how i remember him).

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