it's beginning...

note: as of 1 december 2014, this pattern will no longer be available for free. i am re-writing it as a multi-sized pattern and will offer it for sale on ravelry and etsy. so if you want it free, get it now!

xmas is less than 3 months away! and harry now has an elf hat to go with his socks to get him in the spirit. i've written up the pattern as well, in case anyone else can't stop thinking about the holidays already. i've only written it up for harry's size (3 1/2-year-old with a big head) but it should be easy to size up or down, as long as your cast-on is divisible by 8. here's the pattern! i knit it out of briggs & little tuffy - bought on sale, that means a hat and socks for only $5! yay.

a couple of things you will need to know for the hat: short row shaping, s2sk (like ssk, except you slip 2 tog, then one, and then knit through all 3 - a centred decrease from 3 stitches to 1), kfbf (knitting in the front and back and front of a stitch to make 3 out of 1.


  1. Posed him in the loo? HA!
    Elf in the loo. Go on--You are both adorable.
    Admiration and kudos from a new fan in Montana!