is it too early to think about xmas?

of course not! i've got a to-do list going already of gifts to knit, and
stuff that needs doing around the house (e.g. paint living room). last
year was just horrible in so many ways, i am really hoping that this
year will make up for that in wonderfulness. so, i've already started
accumulating stocking stuffers, and have finished elf sock #1. really
hoping i have enough in the skein to do an elfy hat as well.

the list so far:

- elf socks & hat for harry (done by 10 december for holiday party)
- repaint living room
- build shelves in dining room (ambitious? moi?)
- gift for gogo (have yarn but haven't cast on)
- gift for siena (started but much still to do)
- gift for tg (need yarn!!)
- finish the *@# wreath
- need new cushion covers for living room
- update xmas card list
- make xmas cards!

and of course i need to figure out what to get for a bunch of other
people. never too soon to start!

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