city knitting

back to the city, back to the usual. knitting monday brought a return to the dreaded "surface" wrap, but i'm down to one last bobble row before i go on to the ribbing (thank goodness). also, i "taught" (or rather re-taught) jen to knit! another convert, and a way to get rid of leftover "hunter orange" yarn.

meanwhile, the slow-going spring dreams dress has grown a little more! i am reminded of the classic haiku by (i think) issa:

o snail
climb mount fuji
but slowly, slowly!

p.s. "amy's scarf" won first prize at the fair! whooo. "20000 leagues" sadly won nothing because i missed running in a few ends. blast you, intarsia!


i am stupid excited about this!

i am officially registered at the fenelon fair - exhibitor 1705! didn't get the quilt done (found out too late that you have to provide fabric samples - to prove you made the quilt yourself - and hadn't brought any [i don't think there were any scraps left, anyway] so i wasn't terrifically motivated to finish the last few letters - also it is the only blanket-type-object harry was willing to accept at the cottage - he calls it his "turtle shell" and if i tried to work on it he would say "hey, where's my shell?" and take it back) but the 20000 leagues cardigan is in, along with amy's scarf. yay!! cannot wait to go tomorrow and see the results!!


why am i still awake?

drove home from the cottage this evening, super-tired after a week of fun and relaxing and knitting (20000 leagues cardigan and amy's scarf are done!) and baking (cherry cobbler, raspberry custard pie with chocolate crust - i think i've got it this time - bread and pancakes pancakes pancakes) and swimming and the rest of it. wish i was still there. more later. sigh.