dumbest project ever

so i had this idea that my real problem in life is that i don't have any "spring/transitional" clothing, and if i did - say, an apple green 1930s-style day-dress with elbow-length sleeves and a bit of lace - my life would be infinitely better. why i would be thinking such a thing in the middle of july is beyond comprehension. so i thought "well i'll just look at knitpicks to see what's out there as far as superwash wool fingering in apple green is concerned." and just by coincidence they happened to have stroll on sale in a colour called "granny smith" (discontinued i think - it's gone from the site, so i guess i got the last of it).

anyway i've cast on and started knitting. i really need to swatch the lace, but kind of can't bear the idea of knitting a bunch of lace and not using it especially on a project of this size where i am likely to get bored well before i finish. so, if all goes well, this swatch will become a sleeve. i'm almost done the first chart. we'll see how it goes!

actual project:


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