have you ever wondered why your life makes no sense?

my latest project (notice how new projects have no relation to the to do list?) is a pair of red fingerless gloves and scarf inspired by amy pond on the current series of doctor who. i'm not being super-accurate here - i'll leave that to the redheads of the world - but i had a skein of wollmeise in a gorgeous red called "herzblut" which was crying for me to start something (and i think only wollmeise can follow qiviut - much as i love my briggs & little, i think it would be a huge letdown). in the "vampires of venice" ep she is wearing a lacy/cable-y scarf with no fringes, in "the pandorica opens" she has a different red scarf - bulky cables - and some plain red fingerless gloves. in some scenes in one episode the scarf looks almost like it follows the tilting tardis pattern, so i thought i would use that pattern as the basis, just to be hugely geeky.

i got glove one done over the weekend, and now that it's finished i know how i'm going to do it differently when i rip it out and start over! the lace is very loose, so my glove isn't fitting as snugly as i'd like. take two coming up.

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  1. Anonymous14.7.10

    Hi, I found your blog from your funny comments on Ravelry about Fentex (or whatever it's called). You are funny, especially when you talk about bad yarn.