staycation day three

this was the first "real" day - the first day i was supposed to be at work but wasn't. i started by emptying all of the detritus from my closet (making, i fear, one crucial mistake - i put a ton of yarn away in storage, and i think i accidentally packed up the rest of the yarn for the leafghan in that bundle), packing away winter clothes, and sorting out potential garage sale items (including small balls of yarn and some old knitting needles!). then with all the additional closet space, i put away my suitcases and miscellaneous other items from the bedroom, and started going through our storage room for more garage sale fodder. it's all a big game of dominoes; once the storage room is sorted, then the jjunk that was in the dining room can be sorted or got rid of!

then after dinner we had a mini neighbour knit night, and that's when i discovered that i seem to have misplaced 4 balls of yarn needed for the leafghan. sigh.

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