busy busy busy

no photos today as i've misplaced both my mobile and my card reader! how? well, we cleared everything out of the dining room to repaint! it was previously an absolutely mind-boggling and eye-crossing concoction of red, yellow, and blue, which made my brain vibrate if i looked at it for too long. now it is pristine (although i think it needs another coat, and there's the trim, too). anyway, everything from the dining room (including tg's computer lab of doom) had to be shifted out, and now the house is an utter disaster. but not for long.

aside from that madness, it was a lovely weekend - saturday's financier turned out delish, the dutch baby (which is actually just a giant yorkshire pud if you think about it) was yum (topped with caramel-sautéed apples!), i did a bit more gardening, and made bbq ribs and potato salad with asparagus for dinner. now, after all the exertion, dust, and paint fumes, i am not quite able to breathe, but other than that all is peachy.

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