button wanted

after finding some awesome saddle shoes for my wee guy, i am now determined to turn him into the ideal 1950s little boy. i'm making him a 50s-style shirt from a great vintage print i found at the textile museum sale - white with little black 45 rpm singles all over it. now here's the question: where can i buy little buttons - the right size & weight for a shirt - that are replicas of records? help!!


  1. I don't have the slightest clue but if you find some, share the location!

    There's a salvage centre at a local dump south the city here, and one day I found a paper grocery bag FULL of little boys 1950s clothes! Most homemade! I got a blue wool handknit sweater, a little dress cardigan, a biker style jacket, a red dress jacket, plaid shirt, tons of PJs, a cowboy outfit for toddler and one for a baby! AND best of all a little cap with flip down knit edge. It was such a wicked find and made me actually want a boy for the first time...ever...lol.

  2. ooh, awesome! it is so hard to find cute boy stuff, you are lucky indeed to find such a treasure!