done! (almost)

below: a truly terrible photo of the finished surface sweater!

now, i just have to do the wrap. argh. i decided to up-size it just a wee bit (casting on 242 stitches instead of 230) because i needed to embiggen the sweater itself via blocking (yes i swatched! yes i did!), and let me tell you - casting on over 200 stitches, and then knitting 4 stitches in 1, 40 times across the row, and then yarn-overing those added stitches... well one row takes me a long time to get through. i bought a circular needle in honour of the wrap, even though i generally don't like knitting on circs - but this meimei circ (purchased at the ashton general store for an amazing $1.99!) is nice. it's bamboo, the same hard, dark bamboo as the chiagoo dpns i have and love (it's something they do in the finishing, i forget what), but more importantly the cable is not stiff/springy/determined to turn around on itself even when i don't want it to. it's sort of soft and floppy. it would be nice if the cable was a bit more slippery, but so far i'm really liking it.

except for the number of stitches per row, that is. ugh.

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