blocking blues

i've been taking it easy this morning (where "taking it easy" = doing laundry) after yesterday's ordeal: 6 hours in a waiting room because the receptionist neglected to tell the doctor i was there (despite the doctor asking her to call as soon as i got there, my mum telling the doctor i was waiting, and the receptionist calling me at home and leaving a message asking me to come in... sigh). i did get a fair amount of knitting done thankfully (although i didn't knit non-stop - i think my wrists would have fallen off if i had). the collar on surface is almost done, and i finished seaming the sweater this morning. so why the blues? well, it's a bit snugger than expected... despite the fact that i swatched. i also added an inch to the length, and thank goodness i did, i could have added two! i blocked the pieces prior to assembling, but i don't have anything here at mum's to properly pin things down, so i'm going to root around and see what i can find and see if i can't block it bigger once i've done the front bands of ribbing. wish me luck.

meanwhile, allow me to show off my seams, which i think i did a pretty good job with:

in other news, the vintage hollywood group on ravelry may have answered a question that has long haunted me: what film was it that featured joan crawford in an absolutely awesome robe with tasselled sleeves? most probable answer: the last of mrs. cheyney, which happens to be available on youtube. you can guess what i'm doing tonight!

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