well i haven't posted in a while because life has been very topsy-turvy - my mum's illness was determined to be caused by brain tumours, and on boxing day we found out it's inoperable and she is currently in hospital receiving palliative care. it's heartbreaking but she is thankfully in no pain and in a surprisingly good mood - i heard today on the radio that happiness is linked to activity in the left prefrontal cortex (or something) which is roughly near to one of the tumours, so i am conforting myself with the notion that she will just get happier and happier as she nears the end.

meanwhile, the tediosity of life goes on, with me losing gloves and the zipper breaking on one of my winter boots. so - new boots for me! and, i have knit a muff - it's blocking now, and i'll write up a pattern when i get a moment. my mum has a picture somewhere of her aunt fan who was dead glamourous and in the picture she is wearing a muff that is dripping with ermine tales - mum has always been entranced by the picture, so a muff seems fitting at the moment. very meet me in st louis, and also - i hope - not as easy to lose as gloves.

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