more hometown days

busy times here - monday & tuesday were spent driving to toronto, getting a root canal, going to the doctor, going to the physiotherapist, dropping briefly into hr at work, and then driving back to almonte. wednesday was comparatively normal; thursday a friend drove down from ottawa for lunch, we made plans for tg and h to return to toronto on saturday by train, and we found out that friday would bring out of town guests and an mri for mum. friday was spent doing the usual hurry-up-and-wait routine of going into the civic and then waiting for things to happen, an exhausting day even though there wasn't really much activity (sitting in an armless swivel chair for two hours with nowhere to put your stuff is surprisingly tiring!). saturday we packed, drove to ottawa to have brunch with w, then to the train station where i bid adieu to the boys, then back to almonte where i met l & t at the hospital with mum.

and what wonderful memories they brought! photographs and letters and bits cut from the paper, all sorts of interesting things about the various branches of the family, and a few lovely mementos as well. we are now the grateful owners of a tablecloth crocheted by my grandmother (which will unfortunately need some stain removal) and a beautiful vanity set given by aunt fan (subject of the terribly stylish photos of which i have previously written) to aunt lil. l thought i should have it since i instantly recognised the button-hooker which had stymied previous attempts at identification.

i have always wanted one of these sets - even bought one a few years ago except it was missing a few pieces, so it is very nice to finally have a complete set, and one with such sentimental attachments no less! now i am really inspired to get my old deco vanity restored (does anyone have any good ideas about where to get mirror custom-cut in toronto?)

meanwhile during the hurry-up-and-wait portion of the week i have got one sleeve of surface completed and the other almost done - expect to get it finished today at the hospital!

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