hometown day three? i think?

i'm not good at keeping track of days when i don't have my regular structure, i must confess, but i think today will be day three up here... so far i've kept up with mmy tai chi (yay!) and done some much-needed mending (yay!) and sorting-of-stuff (yay!) but haven't done so well with some of my other ambitious tasks. yesterday i was out and about from 10 in the morning until after 6 o'clock at night! visiting the hospital, going for brunch with friends, stopping at mrs tiggy winkles to get a birthday present for the bambino (i am a bit bummed about missing his third birthday - snif), back to the hospital, then off again on a cruller-mission for mum, then back to the hospital, then eventually home. did some work on the purple socks (which are now destived for me!) but i find those tiny 2mm needles just kill my wrists - can't do much before it is just too painful. so, i've cast on for surface in some wonderful briggs & little "sport" which is just wonderfully squishy and springy especially considering its gauge! i'm hoping if i go back and forth between the different projects my wrists will hold out!

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